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We believe that we can give supply teachers a more rewarding career, create better opportunities for their future, and pay them more.

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Ethical pricing that means much more money for supply teachers

Earn a higher rate

Your minimum daily rate will be much higher than traditional agencies typically offer. We’ve set a threshold daily rate that you will be paid (pro-rata above M2 after deductions). If you are highly experienced or your skills are in great demand, our system includes the opportunity for schools and supply teachers to negotiate a higher rate.

Keep more of your pay

We want supply teachers to keep as much of their money as possible, so we don’t profit in any way from each placement. Third party deductions (for the administrative cost of paying you) are reduced to the bare minimum by endeavouring to use the cheapest provider in the UK. Where tax liabilities are due, this is recompensed by paying a higher rate (a minimum of £145 per day before deductions).

More likelihood of work

We offer schools an amazing opportunity to save money, increase the quality of education and treat supply teachers more fairly. It’s a logical deduction that they will try our system before approaching traditional agencies. This would mean that you’re more likely to get work offers if you register with teachethica. But our system also enables you to relocate yourself instantly. So, if you’re travelling to another part of the country temporarily and want to be considered for work, you can do this at the click of a button.

An ethical system that helps you achieve your potential

Better opportunities for permanent employment

Schools have less barriers and are more likely to want to hire you permanently, and sooner. We don’t charge schools a transfer fee to convert you from a supply role to a permanent one. This makes teachethica a great stepping platform into the realm of permanent teaching for those looking for a more secure role in the school.

The right level of challenge

Are you a highly experienced and consistently outstanding supply teacher? Or are you an NQT just starting out on your teaching journey? We understand all teachers are different so we have enabled schools to select teachers based on experience. You can also specify exactly what you are comfortable teaching, such as specific subjects or key stages, and will never receive offers if the job doesn’t match your profile.

Better intrinsic rewards

We know first-hand how hard teaching is, and that you don’t do it solely for the money. You do it for the reward of seeing children stretch their potential. By giving schools the ability to foster relationships with individual supply teachers, you can get to know the children better, learn what makes them tick, and see them truly grow.


The whole education ecosystem benefits

More enjoyable working environment

We’re not just for the supply teachers; we want to help schools too. The enormous cost savings that we can offer schools means that they are free to buy the resources needed to enhance children’s education. This ensures our supply teachers are placed in a more pleasurable working environment, have the resources they need, and can fulfil their full potential as a teacher. Better resources mean happier schools, happier children and happier teachers.

Permanent teachers will benefit

Encouraging direct employment of schools’ preferred teachers and removing barriers to permanent employment means more supply teachers converted to permanent roles. This relieves the additional burdens of lesson planning and marking placed on permanent teachers for unfilled posts, giving them a greater work-life balance and relieving stress. For supply teachers, this increases the propensity for a more enjoyable working environment.

Better life chances for children

Helping schools to improve the quality of teaching and giving teachers a better deal has a major impact – it improves the education that our children receive. That means a more enjoyable school experience, a better education and better potential to be successful in life. This is particularly important for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties who find change difficult to manage.

An easier way to find supply teacher work


Job offers will likely come to you earlier in the day, thanks to our fast and intelligent system. That means greater certainty for you, and you are better able to plan your day. And responding is even quicker – confirm that you want the placement with a single click of a button.

Less hassle

Setting, reviewing and changing your preferences and availability is unbelievably easy, as it's all managed online. And because our system is intelligent, it completes most of the post-placement administration, including timesheets and laborious online claims processes, so you are free to head home as soon as your day is finished, worry-free, without needing to find somebody to countersign documentation. We will also pay directly by bank transfer, so you don’t need to wait for a cheque and then take it to the bank

If you want to be a part of teachethica, you can sign up to our system here. Or if you’d like a chat for more information, why not give us a call on 0800 061 4145 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you soon.

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