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We believe that we can improve your school’s performance, within your budget, by offering a better recruitment system.

Our system enables you to source, recruit and maintain the best supply teachers, without paying daily agency fees, allowing you to invest money back into resources.

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No mark-up premium

We want to give as much as we can back to schools, which is why we charge a fraction of the price of traditional agencies and other online providers. We charge a very low annual licence fee, so you don’t need to worry about daily mark-ups per placement per day. All money paid for daily placements goes to the supply teacher; we take nothing. This enables the schools we work with to reinvest their saved money back into what really matters; our children’s education.

No transfer fees for permanent employment

If there’s a supply teacher that you would like to employ permanently, we won’t charge you any transfer fees. By removing financial barriers to permanent employment, you are more able to fill teaching gaps. This means you will have teachers who know the pupils’ needs better, less work spread amongst the remaining permanent teachers, and a better working environment for all.

Maximising benefit to the schools with the greatest need

By charging an annual, low fixed fee, we’re not profiting from the misfortune of schools that are in the greatest need. We know that a serious financial predicament can place schools in an unforgiving downward spiral with a diminishing chance of recovery. The huge savings that we could offer will vastly increase the potential for schools to reverse that spiral.

An ethical system that enables better teaching quality

Better choice for schools

If you need a high-quality teacher with specific skills, you can browse and select the specific teacher that best meets your needs. Our system enables you to pick the most suited teacher for the role you need to fill, so you can rest assured that whoever you pick will suit the needs of the class. Or, you can save yourself time by allowing our system to intelligently select what is likely to be the most appropriate candidate, based on your preferences.

Better use of available talent

Enabling schools to pick high quality teachers when quality is critical, or the cheapest when financial efficiency takes precedence, will mean that supply teachers are given the right level of challenge and high quality talent isn’t wasted.

More supply teachers, so greater ability to meet demand

Supply teacher retention will be improved by paying them more and giving them a more rewarding career. Demand can further be met as our system enables teachers to temporarily relocate themselves and be considered for placements anywhere in the country. This will mean a greater ability to fulfil schools’ supply teachers needs when demand for supply teachers is at its highest.


The whole education ecosystem benefits

Better retention and performance of permanent teachers

By giving your teachers better resources from all the money schools have saved, and reducing the amount of internal cover, schools can help teachers fulfil their teaching potential and relieve stress. De-stressed teachers means better quality of education for the children, leading to improved results, but also less teacher absence. This will help you to retain your talented permanent teachers.

Better continuity of education

By booking the specific supply teacher you want or automatically requesting favourites, you can get supply teachers that know the school and your pupils well, and can better differentiate lessons and manage behaviour more effectively.

Better life chances for students

All of these benefits lead to one thing – an improved quality of education for our children. And we all know that an individual’s success or failure, at this very early stage in life, is a strong predictor of their future attitudes, wellbeing, prosperity, and ultimately happiness in life. These are our children, and our nation’s future.

An easier way to recruit supply teachers


Our system is fast! Requesting a supply teacher takes seconds, and you will often receive confirmation after only a few more seconds. No more waiting up to half an hour for an agency to call you back.

Less hassle

Unlike many other online solutions, we can do all the work for schools, rather than passing the time-intensive administrative burden back to you.

Using best knowledge

Schools can give department heads or class teachers the ability to use the system, so that they can choose the best individual to cover their class, easing unnecessary communication between teaching and office staff.

If you want to be a part of teachethica, you can sign up to our system here. Or if you’d like a chat for more information, why not give us a call on 0800 061 4145 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you soon.

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