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We believe we can improve children’s lives and future potential through our ethical system. Find out how much your children’s school could benefit.

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More resources to help develop children

Schools are desperate for more resources, which is impacting our children’s education and development. By avoiding much-needed funds going to high-charging agencies, they can spend that money on our children instead. It could be books, IT or sports equipment, or any other resources that enhance children’s emotional, spiritual or educational growth.

Better education opportunities

Schools are reducing the number of subjects taught and staffing levels due to the funding challenges they face. Saving money on recruitment will reduce this pain, increasing the potential for them to offer a wider variety of subjects and experiences and support in the classroom. It will also increase the affordability of 1-on-1 intervention, helping children to achieve their full potential.

Helping those most in need

We offer the greatest savings to the schools facing the worst financial challenges. Those schools are often on an unforgiving downward spiral, suffering from teacher retention problems, which compounds the need for more supply teachers and even greater expenditure. Our ethical flat fee structure will massively improve the funds available, enabling them to reverse the downward spiral, and help to remove the postcode lottery of children’s school placements. Providing more funds for schools also frees up resources to enable more inclusion within the classroom.

An ethical system that enables better teaching quality

Better consistency of education

Ask your children their views on supply teachers. The response often isn’t positive. But that’s unfair on the teachers. It’s often because they just don’t know our children, and how to get the best out of them. By enabling schools to bring in their preferred supply teachers and removing barriers to permanent employment, we can change that. This will enable improved consistency and better relationships, which will improve the quality of the education that children receive.

Getting the best out of talented teachers

With our system, schools can either specify or fully influence which supply teacher they get for each placement. This means talent is best employed by the schools where it can have the greatest effect, giving children the best possible educational experience.

Better performing school

The savings will enable schools to offer a better education for their pupils, increasing the school’s overall performance. Improved exam results will obviously aid the students’ future educational progression, but the individuals will also be supported by the reputation of their school. Pride in their school’s performance helps to support local community spirit.


The whole education ecosystem benefits

Less stressed teachers

Children like to push buttons, as every parent knows! If we can alleviate the stress that teachers are facing, either by giving them the resources they need or reducing their workload, teachers will be better able to focus on our children’s individual needs.

Better retention and recruitment of permanent teachers

Children perform best when they have a consistent education; teachers who understand their students’ strengths and weaknesses and are able to plan their progress throughout the entire curriculum. We enable schools to improve the retention of permanent teachers by easing the financial challenges that schools are facing, improving the resources available to schools and reducing the stress that permanent teachers are facing. And combined with the reduced financial barriers to recruitment, recruitment of permanent teachers should also improve, meaning less reliance on temporary and supply teachers in the future.

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