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Wycliffe High School

Based on your expenditure in the 2015-2016 financial year, you should have £2,450 more to spend every year

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We don’t have accurate information for your school, but schools in your local authority would on average have £7,450 more to spend every year

We believe you can make a difference to your school

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We want to give as much as we can back to schools

We are a forward-thinking provider of supply teachers. We believe in friendlier and more altruistic partnerships with schools and teachers, providing a means of supply teacher recruitment without the hefty price tag. By creating more freedom within school budgets, we can really maximise the benefits to as many children, schools and teachers as possible


Benefits to schools

Spend your money where it matters - with our cheaper supply teaching system, you will have far more money to fund resources and activities that improve school performance. How? No mark-up premium for every placement, and no introductory fees if you want to take a supply teacher on permanently.

Benefits to teachers

Teachers deserve a rewarding and fulfilling career. Job satisfaction and morale will be increased by paying supply teachers more and better matching their placements to their experience. This will improve the retention of supply teachers in the profession and reduce the stress on permanent teachers.

Benefits to children

We want to improve children’s lives. By helping schools and teachers, we hope the quality of education that our children receive will be enhanced. This far better preparation for life, without stretched budgets or stressed teachers, will vastly increase their potential for future success.


"There just has to be a better way"

One of our founders, Helen, was the inspiration behind teachethica.

As a head of department in a secondary school, she was frustrated that an acute lack of resources was hindering her ability to give the best possible education to her pupils. The biggest cause? The school’s expenditure on supply teachers. They had no option but to pay ever-increasing recruitment agency fees. It was clear that an ethically driven and better way of working was needed. There had to be a better way.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world"

Nelson Mandela

Everyone in the school ecosystem benefits

We believe that everybody deserves a better system – children, schools and teachers. But that’s not all. Paying attention to every group enhances the benefits to others. Teacher wellbeing enhances their ability and motivation to deliver the best possible teaching performance for the schools. School performance makes the school a better place to work, enhancing teacher wellbeing and retention. And improvement in both schools’ and teachers’ means better education outcomes for children. Our children’s performance improves things for everyone.

Especially those with the greatest need

We believe in our low cost annual licence, with no hidden fees. By not penalising those schools in greatest need, they are given the best possibly opportunity to improve teacher wellbeing, enhance performance, and realise the potential of their pupils. We even offer a free month trial so that your school can test out our system and see if it’s a fit for your school before paying a penny.

Greater choice for schools and teachers

Getting the right supply teacher for the right placement is absolutely critical to enhancing teacher wellbeing, improving school performance and developing supply teachers. With the right supply teacher in the right role, we can optimise our children’s education and maximise their potential. This is achieved by giving schools more choice. Choice to select the right highly experienced teacher when quality of teaching is critical. Or choice to minimise cost if only class supervision is needed.

"Upon the education of the people of this country, the fate of this country depends"

Benjamin Disraeli

We believe we can save schools across the UK over £100 million, every year.

That's a typical saving of £8000 for every school that uses supply teacher agencies. And supply teachers earn more.

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